Sunday, May 1, 2011

We're back! (In G'ville, that is.)

Hello everybody. Did you think we dropped off the face of the earth? We got to have a few days back home before all this"Glenn's chemo and stuff "starts this week. It was sooo nice to be home, sleep in our own bed, and finish up some things before we start this week. One thing we didn't get to do was go to church. We wanted to so badly, but decided it wasn't worth the risk of Glenn catching something by being around a crowd, and causing his treatment to be postponed. :-(
So now we are back at the lodge where we have been staying. It was good to see all our new friends here and meet other new friends. Tomorrow Glenn is scheduled for pre-admit, whatever that is. I'll let you know when we find out. Tuesday he is admitted or, as Glenn calls it incarcerated, for at least three weeks. On his day of admission he will be given the chemotherapy. Wednesday they call a day of rest. Thursday he gets his stem cells back that he donated to himself. After that we watch his hair fall out as well as many other nasty side effects of the chemo. He really wasn't looking forward to this trip back to G'ville. Can't say I blame him at all for that. But he's being a very brave man and going  into it without hesitation. (Reminds me of when Jesus went resolutely to Jerusalem knowing he would be crucified. Obviously that was on a far greater scale of suffering than this.)
I have started a list of all the gifts we are receiving from so many of you. We continue to be humbled by all the love and concern shown to both of us. We truly don't feel worthy. Please forgive me if I keep repeating this but we keep repeatedly feeling it. You all have been nothing but a constant encouragement to us and we are extremely grateful to you all for every prayer prayed, positive thought made, and offer of help extended. There is really no way to adequately express our gratitude to you all. Just know that all of your acts of kindness have not been lost on us. We appreciate every single one.


  1. Glad to hear more news. Wondered if you would be at church. But, it was wise not to chance it.

    What do you mean watch Glenn's hair fall out?
    What hair? nah, just kidding.

    I so wish he wasn't having to go through this but hope and pray he will prove to be strong as he has in the past and this will be successful. He is a trooper and an encouragement I do admit.
    Please know that I think about you and pray for you daily.

    Lilly gets her G-tube put in tomorrow and may have a new doctor in South Carolina who will do her heart surgery when she is recovered from this.
    Miss you 'Little People."

  2. Hi, G & E -- I'm a total rookie at blogging, so wish me beginner's luck! Bless your hearts -- schedulewise, you're at the mercy of a huge system and its machines!! Of course, Father can speed up anything He wants to. He's faithful and wise and caring, and His timing can be trusted in the long run.
    Today, I found and re-enjoyed a study I had done 3 years ago, prompted by the Greek word "hagiosune" = holy togetherness! No details right now -- I'll just assure you that Father has seen to it that you always have access to His sacred togetherness with you, and also ours, your brothers and sisters in Christ! Both of you are loved, from all directions!
    "Dear friend(s), I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, even as your soul is getting along well." (III John v.2) Love, Lanelle