Saturday, May 28, 2011

Finally able to get some rest

Glenn's appointment at the clinic this morning was pretty uneventful. His labs are improving, and he didn't need any more platelets or blood. And since it was a holiday weekend, it was pretty unbusy so we got in and got out in a couple hours. The rest of the day was spent with visitors. Two girlfriends from home came and took me to lunch. It was nice to get to see them again. And our daughter came this afternoon and hung out with us most of the day. We enjoyed so much getting to be with her again. We're starting to miss our home and getting a little anxious to get back there again. Glenn has done well today. He had to do some walking when we went to the clinic today. And he ate and drank more. But most of the time he is pretty wiped out. His body is very busy making new blood cells and it just takes a lot out of him.
I heard a rumor that some people might think we had to sleep in our car. Not a shred of truth to that. We have had a bed every night either at the hospital or at Hope Lodge. So be at peace. And thank you for your concern. The next few days we will  be able to just chill out and relax until Tuesday when he has his next clinic appointment. We so need that rest. We'll just be eating and sleeping and hanging out with our Hope Lodge family. :-)

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  1. Glenn and Eda,
    I hope you have a nice, restful and restorative weekend. I am glad you are not sleeping in your car, although I had not heard that one. I hope that you KNOW we would never allow that! (maybe Glenn, but not you) jk, Glenn.
    Loving you and praying for you.