Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Time to wear the pink hat

I would like to know what button I'm pushing that erases my entry when I am half way through it!!! Starting over again.
Glenn started the morning feeling pretty good, but by the end of the morning he was out of steam. His count went up again this morning, which is the trend that the Dr. is looking for. He told Glenn this morning that he will probably be discharged by the end of the week. Of course, we will have to stay in town for a couple weeks for daily follow-up treatment. Our friend was discharged from the hospital today, so we can't be far behind.
Well, guess what Glenn did this morning? He decided to get his head shaved, because it was shedding so badly. So he is officially bald. He now gets to wear his hat that his hair cutter gave him: it's pink and says "I'm too sexy for my hair." He's been looking forward to getting to wear that. I'm still going to get pictures on the blog, when I figure it out. Really, I am.
Quote of the day came from our nurse today. Glenn was telling her that the Dr.s wanted to be sure we understood that what he has is not cancer, but the treatment is the same treatment as multiple myeloma, (which is a cancer and a "cousin" to Glenn's disease). The nurse said, "So I guess what they're saying is, 'You're not an idiot but we're going to treat you like one.'" Hahahaha. Well, we thought it was funny, anyway.

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  1. The nurse that told Glenn he is not an 'idiot', doesn't know Glenn very well. Ha Ha. Hope he still has a sense of humor. Can' imagine him without one. although, were it me in his situation, I would have none.
    Praying for you, Glenn and Eda. Love you both. miss you and hope you are home soon.