Thursday, May 19, 2011

Back together again

I came back to the hospital this afternoon after a little time-out. Feeling better. Glenn seems to be feeling not as bad. I won't say he's feeling good, but just not as bad. The combination of drugs is helping a lot. Even though  his Dr. put him on IV fluids to keep his fluid level balanced, Glenn has been able to drink fluids and eat a small amount of solid food. He also has been out in the hall walking a few times today. Now we watch for him to get a fever. We've been told that almost everybody gets a fever during this time, and he hasn't had one yet. When these patients get fevers, they come on really quickly so since they are anticipated the medical staff is on the alert and ready to deal with it immediately. There may be another bone marrow transplant unit some where that is as good as this one but I am convinced this is the best anywhere around here.
I've been getting a lot of practice playing solitaire. I have a CEU course I could be working on, and a couple needle point projects here, but my brain just wants to veg out and not work. I've tried to work on those other things, but my brain revolts and quits working. Seems like a waste of time I could be using productively but just can't make it happen.
Tomorrow we will be having a few visitors from Jax. We're both looking forward to seeing our friends. It is so encouraging to both of us to hear from friends, either by visits or by facebook or cards or comments left here. We love and appreciate each and every one of you. Really, we do!

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