Monday, May 9, 2011


We finally got Glenn admitted to the hospital this morning! He got his one and only dose of chemotherapy this afternoon; so far so good. We're told he won't feel the effects for a few more days. Wednesday he will receive the stem cells, (which he so generously donated to himself!) The only thing bothering him right now is frustration at not being able to get on the internet, and to add salt to the wound, I was able to sign on to my computer as soon as I tried!
Many of you have asked if he can have visitors. The answer is yes. We just ask that you call first to make sure he's up to visiting. We don't know when or how the chemo will  affect him, so just to play it safe, call first. You can call him on his phone or me on mine. There are some restrictions: if you have had a fever or been sick in the past few days, or been exposed to someone who has been sick; children under 13 are discouraged  from visiting;  no fresh flowers, dried flowers, Spanish moss, or latex balloons are allowed in the unit. Other than that, visiting is encouraged. I think you will find that you will be encouraged by seeing Glenn. His spirits and faith are strong and we find that everybody else is more concerned than we are. Yes, this disease can have a serious prognosis, but Glenn is more concerned for mine and our kids' welfare in this life than for his in the next life. Like Paul, it is difficult to know which is to be desired more: this life or the next. So he continues to live in this world, yet fully confident and ready for the next.


  1. Can Glenn have some 'special' brownies?

  2. Apparently, I'm not Glenn's friend on so I can't comment there... :(

  3. To whomever asked about Glenn having the "special" brownies: No, because the thing that makes them special has fungus in it. Thanks anyway. I have a suspicion that the person who asked this question probably doesn't know where to get the "special" ingredient, anyway. He can, however have brownies made 'specially for him.