Sunday, May 29, 2011

Lazy day

This is a short day because we slept! I slept more than Glenn did: I slept till 11:30, fixed breakfast,  then slept again from 1 to 5. Glenn slept off and on during that time. He let me sleep and fixed his own lunch. He is just wiped out and wishes he would stop being so tired. All he has energy to do is go to the dining room and eat, then come back to the room and rest. His leg edema has continually gotten worse. I realized this evening that the discharge instructions didn't say for him to be taking lasix, although the Dr. had said he would have him doing that. So he got some lasix tonight which should help the swelling, and maybe the exhaustion since I figure his heart has been working hard to deal with so much fluid.
I've put him to bed and I'm going to the dining room to have some coffee, (since we are not allowed to have any food or drinks other than water in our rooms,) and play some solitaire and visit with anybody else who is up.

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