Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Roll with the punches

Today was to be Glenn's admission day. I say "was to  be" because our coordinator called early this morning and said we didn't need to come in until 2:00 this afternoon. So after we got our room at the lodge cleaned, checked out of the lodge and started on the way to the hospital, she called again to say that they had another emergency admission and they had to use Glenn's bed for that patient. So she said we might as well go home and wait for her call. There may be a bed available tomorrow, and if not, we won't be able to be admitted until  at least Monday. So, here we are back home again. We figure God has a good reason for everything, so we roll with the punches. Surprisingly, we are not mad or frustrated about it. If we find out what God has up his sleeve with this, we'll let you all know. So we sit tight here at home.

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