Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Another day in our "one day at a time" life

We went to Glenn's follow up appointment this morning. His labs looked ok but not good enough to cut him loose to go home. We go back Thursday to see how they have changed, whether there is a trend up or not. If things look good Glenn will be discharged to go home. THEN we have to make an appointment to have his central line, (in his chest) removed, which can happen as early as Friday, or at the beginning of the following week. So, we're here until at least Friday, if not early next week. We continue to live by the rule of one day at a time.
I was surprised that his red blood count, and hemoglobin were as good as they were considering how tired he is. But apparently this is to be expected as a result of the chemotherapy. His legs got really swollen while we were waiting at the clinic to see the Dr. We will have to juggle with the lasix until we can get the swelling under control. This is a result of his diminished kidney function.
I took the afternoon "off" and just walked around the mall. Just needed to get some away time. I tried to get our friend to come too, but she couldn't get away. Because our husbands have been so wiped out, we haven't gotten to spend any time with them (our friends) recently. Kind of miss that connection, although being at the Hope Lodge is good because we feel at home with the other bald headed, tired and weak people and their caregivers. We share our "war" stories and help each other along on our journeys. We are happy with the ones who get to go home, and wonder how others who went home are doing. Some have to stay several months, while others only are here for a few weeks. I especially hurt for the ones who are having treatment on their mouths or throats. They can't enjoy the meals we share together and often can't talk. They usually pretty much isolate themselves. And there are those who refuse to give up or give in, but keep going and keep trying other treatments,sometimes experimental , because they have tried everything else available. They live life as normal as possible, while not being naive about their probable outcomes. It just amazes me to see and experience how these people live every day of their lives as though they have no problems. Their dealings with their teenagers' daily trials, their grown kids' dealing with life,a and their enjoyment of their grandkids are just as normal as yours and mine. Life just goes on as usual for them. Very inspiring.

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  1. Eda,
    Glad to hear that your taste buds and belly are being well taken care of. I hope that Glenn is able to enjoy some of that great Southern cookin, too. You know at our age, that food thing is a big deal.

    Glad too, that Glenn got a shower. Guess it was getting a bit stinky around him. And that is too funny that he said he was too tired to grow a beard.

    Tell him that I love him, and of course continue to pray for his healing. I miss the old BOY and of course you too. He is blessed to have such an upbeat wife among many other virtues. One day they will all rise up and call you blessed if they haven't already.