Saturday, January 19, 2013

All is well

Hello all, thanks for your faithfulness in following Glenn's journey.
He had appointments at both the Dr's this week. Wednesday we went to G'ville to see the hematology/oncologist.  His labs are pretty much unchanged: blood counts are at a low but  safe level for him; platelets are still low but steady. We don't know what the results are of the LCDD. They will call and let us know when they get the results. Glenn goes back in 6 weeks. On a sad note, we lost one of the friends we met at the Hope Lodge where we stayed during Glenn's treatment. I just expected everyone we know well from there to just live on. It was such a surprise to have him go. He had a leukemia-type of disease. Treatments just didn't seem to do any good for him. I am so sad for his wife.
Thursday we went to the nephrologist. Really nothing significant to report. We did talk about the platelet situation and decided that we would go back to the hematologists Glenn saw here locally and see if they can identify the reason for it. I think they deal with other blood diseases as well as cancers so maybe they might have some ideas. 
The itching Glenn had been experiencing hasn't bothered him for a few days. Here's hoping it will stay away.
So unless there is something significant to report, you won't hear from me for a couple weeks. All is well. 

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Post- Christmas report

We had a wonderful Christmas day that followed a fun event- filled month. Our day was filled and we were exhausted by the end of the day, but full physically and emotionally. We started our day with the kids and granddaughter coming over for breakfast. I got to play with Phoenix in "her room", as she calls the guest bedroom, (well, she is correct in saying it's her room because it has her toys and books and pictures and the quilt on the bed that she learned to say the word "star" on, one of her first words, because it has a lot of stars on it), and her little rocking chair. It was so good to get to spend time with her. Then we went to our oldest son's house for afternoon dinner and presents. His girlfriend's family was also there as well as our other two kids and Phoenix. That was such a fun day. We were packed in that house but that's what made it even more fun, I think. From there, we went to my sister's house for evening dinner. We got to take Phoenix with us there because it's been a long time since my sister has gotten to see her. We got to play tea party with her tea party set she got for Christmas. By the end of the night we were all tired and ready to go home and rest. But it was such a goooood day.
Glenn continues to do well. His main complaint right now is the phantom itching he has every night. It starts in  one place for a while then moves to other locations, and of course is very aggravating. It doesn't seem to happen during the day. We aren't sure what it is from because it could be from the kidney failure, or it could be from the blood disease he has. We go to G'ville in two weeks. Maybe they will have a clue as to what is causing it and what can be done for it. But other than that, he feels pretty good. We are still watching his platelet count. We'll get the results of the latest level in a day or two.
Hope you all had a fun and happy Christmas and New Year.