Thursday, May 26, 2011

Still here

Well, the Dr. came in this morning and said he wasn't discharging Glenn today because he wanted to fine-tune his edema/electrolytes, and follow up with the blood in the urine. So we're still here. We'll see what happens tomorrow. I think Glenn was relieved that he wasn't getting out today, although he had a better day today. He was awake and out of bed most of the day and ate a little better than he has been. He got some more platelets, some more fluids and some other stuff for the electrolytes. Edema doesn't look any better, actually worse. Puzzling to me. As far as the treatment results, he's progressing as expected, but I jumped the gun when I said his kidney function had improved. It went back to where it was, (stage four), but the Dr. said we wouldn't see any improvement for a few months. His blood pressure seems to be more controlled now, though.
Sorry, I don't have any funny stories, or inspiring insights. Apparently I've gotten the "ICU" dull brain syndrome from our being here for almost three weeks now. I probably need to get out for a while but I sure don't want to leave and miss anything the Dr. has to say or any other development. So after sitting here and spacing out for who knows how long, I'll end this here. Till tomorrow night.

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