Friday, May 17, 2013

Status stable

Hello folks, Again, the silence is because there hasn't been much happening in the way of health problems with Glenn. His blood counts have been the same, he's not as anemic, his platelets  are still inexpicably low, and the numbers for his disease are a little up, but that's what they've been doing, up and down but not enough to be concerned about right now. So I guess we can blame his being tired on dialysis.
He has been promoting his second book, "The Fine Art of Driving Customers Away". (You can purchase it on Amazon for $10 plus shipping.) He had a book signing a couple weeks ago and will have another one here at our community center in June. He also has organized a seminar for business people with five different speakers to speak on different aspects of business.  He's really pumped about that. It is on May 30 here in Jax. If anyone is interested in more information you can go to He would be very encouraged for some of you to come to the seminar. When you sign up, mention my name and you'll'll think of something.
We are more and more encouraged about the trip happening that I told you about in the last entry. We want to take a trip to the Grand Canyon and to Texas to visit family and friends. The RV part doesn't look like it will happen, but we still have a good chance of being able to go. Prayers would be greatly appreciated for that to happen. Thanks.
Until next time.....