Wednesday, April 27, 2011

.....and a third day of harvesting.

Yep, we're here yet again for a third day of harvesting. And we may have to do it again tomorrow. Not what we were planning. Oh, that's right, we can't plan anymore.One good thing about the harvesting is that it keeps Glenn's blood pressure down in a normal range, and he has had to cut back on his  bp meds. He was right on the border of having to get blood, but his count went up 0.1 point. So it has been held off for now. Apparently this process causes blood counts to go down, and his was already low to start with. Hopefully it will stay where it is so he won't need to get one tomorrow. Someone from Jax asked Glenn what his stem cells look like and he said it looks like tomato soup in a bag. And it does! I don't know if I can ever eat tomato soup again. Tomorrow he has an appointment with the pulmonologist. Then we MIGHT get to go home for the weekend.
Glenn has been giving out his book, signed of course, and everybody thinks they know a famous person. One person insisted on paying for a book. She was prepared to pay full price but since she wouldn't take no for an answer, we let her pay a very discounted price. It's pretty quiet here in this room because we are the only ones having anything done. Our new friends got to go home today because his harvesting was finished. We will meet up again next week when both he and Glenn are admitted to the hospital. It has been very helpful to have another couple to compare notes with about our experiences.
Did I mention that yesterday when we were down in the cafeteria I ran into a friend from long ago from our previous church, who we thought still lived in Boston? She lives and works here in G'ville now. It was sooo good to see her again and to know we can meet up more often.
We will be very glad to get back home and sleep together, and in our own comfortable bed for a few nights.(The suites at the Lodge only have twin beds.)
Ok, the machine went off so we can go pretty soon.  Tomorrow is a new day.


  1. Glenn, you are such a trooper! Why are you having to harvest so much? I guess those stem cells are as stubborn as their owner. Huh? What book are you talking about? I didn't know about no stinkin book!

    I have a mission/project for you, Glenn, while you are in isolation for 3 months. I will tell you more later.

    Praying for you and Eda. I am glad you such a strong son of a gun.


  2. I have just been able to "ketch up"... get it...tomatoe soup... I know, stick to the day job... anyway, the computers I use are dead or dying and I have been working late enough at work that I haven't stayed any longer to check in, but I wish I had. Looks like you guys are plugging along pretty good - with the minor inconvenience of stubborn stem cells. Dealing with stubborn things should be a piece of cake by now :O) I love you guys and I am glad to hear that your stay at the Inn is good and the new found friendship - God is so good to us and answers prayers so completely!!! I will check in again tomorrow.