Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A little curve in the road......

Glenn is where they say he should be in this process: feeling lousy, almost totally immune suppressed, still has all his hair, sometimes needing fluids, etc. But the curve in the road is that I feel like I am getting sick, which means I   can't stay with Glenn. In fact I kicked myself out of the hospital because Glenn as well as many other patients in the hospital are  immune suppressed and have no defense against viruses and bacteria. So I am spending the night in a hotel in town. Might need to stay a second night, depending on how I feel tomorrow. (Sadly, I've had to interrupt my deepening relationship with my toilet at the hospital.)
Glenn has found some medicine that he can take every 8 hours for the nausea and it really helps him to feel better. Thank you, God! So we could say that his desire to sleep through this part is actually happening. He was also started on daily shots to speed up growth of his immune cells. And I wanted to update you on our friend for whom I asked for prayers. Your prayers have been answered because he is already past the sick part so that his wife can have less anxiety about not being able to be with him this week. Isn't God just amazing?  Who'd 'a thought?
So now I need to go to sleep and try to get well fast so I can get back to my role as caregiver: in sickness and in health.


  1. Hi E

    This is now my 3rd attempt to respond to your blogs, and I am officially signed on to google, so hopefully, you'll get this one.

    What a bummer that you're sick. I know both you and Glenn want for you to be with him now, but maybe this is a better time than later, esp since he is sleeping more. Good to hear that they've found a med for the nausea that works. We continue to pray for you both and your kids.
    Our biggest news is again about the kitties. One has disappeared, haven't seen it for several days. Charlie thinks it may have been a hawk. ewwwww!
    the fluffy one is still with us and has gotten quite bold. She came in with her mommy last night and shared the food. She's still just a little fur ball and rolls around playing and tormenting momma kitty.
    I'm glad you're getting some rest and hope you'll be 100% soon. Love, Kez

  2. Thank you for posting this blog. Our prayers are with Glenn and this helps us see those prayers at work. I will continue to monitor his progress as long as you continue to post.