Sunday, May 22, 2011

Still waiting for the numbers to come up

We had another busy day with visitors. Only two couples, but it seemed like a lot to us. These people are just amazing us all the time. We received a generous gift from our life group, dinner, spending money for my meals, and a dessert; then a home cooked meal. We are getting so spoiled, but really blessed. How do you say thank you  as deeply as we feel it? There are no words.                                                                                                                                        Glenn didn't need any platelets or blood last night. We'll see what the lab numbers say tonight. Today he did get several medications to reduce his puffiness/water retention, (albumin, lasix, and potassium). It did what it was supposed to, but from what I can see, he'll need more tomorrow. Oh, and when I pulled on his hair today some came out so he'll be bald soon.
Our friend, who is on the same treatment plan as Glenn, thinks he may be getting discharged tomorrow or Tuesday--but will be staying at the Hope Lodge for a couple weeks for daily follow up and treatment.  So we may be following him soon after that. The determining factor is one of the counts that they are watching so the guys will be safe enough to leave the unit. So far Glenn's has stayed at zero, and it needs to be at least 1500. He has started getting double doses of the shot that is supposed to speed that process along, (Nupogen for all you medical people.)
We have now been here in the hospital for two full weeks. The first week seemed to fly; this past week seems like it began so long ago. We still have about three weeks before we can sleep in our own bed and use our own bathroom. So we're not half way through this process yet. I used to wonder why patients wanted to go home from the hospital when they got to lay around all day, have their meals cooked and brought to them, and be fussed over by Dr.s and nurses. I'm getting it now. It's just not the same as home.

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