Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Another week and more treatments

Yesterday was Glenn's third day of chemo treatment and it was a looong day, longer than we had anticipated anyway. His chemistry was encouraging in that the kidney function numbers were better this time. His blood count levels, though, started dropping again, not to the point of needing any blood products yet. He grudgingly decided to have a "port" placed in his upper chest because the nurses have a hard time finding a vein for infusing the treatment. They have been asking him about getting a port every time we have gone and he decided to do it instead of being stuck several times to find a vein each time. It is along the same lines as the central line he had for the bone marrow transplant but there will be no lines hanging out, it is just a port that has a catheter attached that is threaded into a vein and the port itself is covered by the skin. So there will be a stick to access it but at least they won't have to dig around to find a vein. He is having that procedure done tomorrow morning so it can be used Thursday for his next treatment. The treatments are having their effect on Glenn: he is getting progressively more tired, although he has spurts of energy in between his exhaustion. But thankfully he hasn't been nauseated yet. He went out to take his morning walk today and got as far as the street and slowly came back home. But this afternoon we went to the grocery store, of course with him riding the scooter in the store. But that's better than not feeling like getting out at all.
And to be sure that God gets the glory he deserves, just want to report that he is continuing to meet our needs daily in  different ways each day. How could we ever live without him? We couldn't! Thank you all for appealing to him on our behalf. 

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Marching on

Today we went for Glenn's second chemo treatment. So far he doesn't feel badly. His blood counts looked a little better than last time. But his chemistry that monitors his kidney function continues to slowly rise more, (that's a bad thing, blood counts going up is good, chemistry going up is bad.) And he gained more weight from Monday after he had gained weight that day, too. He is really swollen in his legs and his belly. That is an indication of poor kidney function. He's so afraid that he will be advised to start dialysis. We'll have to make some decisions when it comes to that. But let's just pray that the chemo treatment will do its thing and will stop the kidney damage from progressing before that comes about. So that's your next prayer request from us. And please join us in thanking God for the way he continually meets our needs in new and different ways all the time.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Plan B has begun

Glenn had his first chemo treatment of this new plan today and so far so good. He says he feels kind of weird but  not feeling nauseated or any of the side effects we will be looking for. He will have chemo twice a week for two weeks, then a week off. Then another cycle like that and after those two cycles he will be evaluated to see if this treatment is working or if it will need to be adjusted. We still would feel more comfortable doing this in G'ville. I don't know whether or not he is going to pursue that some more. There are certainly pros and cons for being in either place. One of the cons of having treatment here is that it costs a co-pay every time we go to the office here  in Jax. But we have to say that God has continually provided for our needs and has poured out his love on us through his people and their loving compassion and generosity. The thought keeps going through my mind of the scripture that says "Let us not love with words or tongue, but with actions and in truth." We continually are being loved with actions and we are reassured that we don't have to be afraid of being in need.
We continue to be so thankful for all of you who are praying for us and supporting us in every way you can. We really appreciate all of our friends.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

A plan in place

We just heard from our Dr. office here in Jax. They talked to Dr. M. in G'ville. Glenn will be starting chemotherapy this Monday morning. He will get two kinds of  chemo twice a week via IV and a steroid in pill form once each week and again in the third. Then the same cycle will be repeated again. After the two cycles  of treatment he will be evaluated to see if the treatment is working. That might not be totally accurate but it's pretty close. We'll get a schedule on paper when we go this Monday. Glenn is ok with all this so far. We don't know how severe the side effects will be yet. We will also get information about that Monday. I'm very relieved to know the plan. At the rate his kidney function is diminishing I was concerned that he wouldn't get started on treatment soon enough because the Dr. in G'ville seemed urgent to have him started on treatment as well.  Such mixed emotions right now........

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


We went to the oncologist here in Jax. today to find out what the next plan of treatment will be. And it will be:.....................keep waiting for the answer because that's what we found out  :-/    I was sooo frustrated! The Dr. in G'ville said he would be in contact with the oncologist here for his recommendation of treatment. But apparently nobody at the Jax office has talked to him. So we are SUPPOSED to find out something by the end of the week after the Dr. here contacts the Dr. there. Ironically, I was just reading my journal this morning about the days and weeks before Glenn had his stem cell transplant and I was trying so hard not to be impatient while we were waiting to find everything out. Apparently I will be having to work on that the rest of my life, if I don't learn patience in all this. Glenn is not feeling at all like I am. He's disappointed that we didn't find anything out today, but it isn't bothering him like it is me. THAT is amazing because not that long ago he would have been very annoyed at the situation. He is still feeling ok, but he is swelling quite a bit a  lot of the time, his legs, hands and under his eyes.
Several people have responded to his post on facebook and have helped us out financially, and we are sooooo appreciative for that. We should be ok soon when disability and some other stuff starts coming in. Just needing the gaps filled until then. We feel so loved and supported by everyone's prayers, encouragement, cards, etc. that you all have sent our way. It's amazing how much it helps our spirits with each expression. You may not feel like you are supporting us much, but please know that we feel every prayer prayed and are lifted by each card received, and message sent. Thank you all so much for being there for us through all. We love each one of you.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A new road to take

Glenn had his first follow up visit in G'ville since his hospital stay today. It seems that the stem cell transplant didn't do what it was supposed to do, at least not yet. It still could change, but it's not looking good right now. the Dr. said there was a response right after the transplant but it didn't last. His kidney function continues to deteriorate and the Dr. in G'ville will consult with the Dr. (hematology oncologist) here and recommend a series of chemotherapy treatments to start soon. The goal is to avoid dialysis if at all possible. Glenn's kidneys need prayers from everybody who prays. He seems to be taking all this in stride. He said he should be upset by the prognosis, but he's not at all. His feeling is "it is what it is", although he dreads having to go on dialysis and hopes and prays that that won't happen. The reality is that if it doesn't start getting better, or at least stay where it is.........well, you can fill in that blank. We are surprised at this news because Glenn has been feeling better and doing more of his normal activities: going to church, running errands on his own, etc. He did file for disability and has been approved, although he won't start getting his benefits until late November. (He has posted a request on his web site www.glennboyles.com for anyone who would want to contribute until he starts getting his benefits. He hasn't been able to work since his treatment. Just go to that web site and it will explain what to do.) When he starts the next treatment he won't be feeling as well as he has been. Bummer! I want to be mad but I don't know who to be mad at. Things were starting to look better, but now we start down another road. So you now have our most recent prayer request update. And we really do realize the benefits of all the prayers coming our way. We are so grateful for your love and support.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Checking in for a report for the week

I was holding off making a new entry until we found out what all of Glenn's tests have shown so far. We are still waiting for one, but as far as his kidney function, there has been no change, and if anything a slight increase in one of the values which we hoped would start going down after treatment. He goes back to G'ville next Wednesday for his follow up after treatment. I don't know if we will find out anything else there or if the Dr. just wants to see how he's recovering. The nephrologist today seemed disappointed that there hasn't been any improvement since the treatment, but it may be too early still to know for sure if it has helped. If his kidney function continues to decrease he will have the option to go on dialysis in a couple years or so, give or take a year. Hard to predict what the kidneys are going to do at this point. Glenn isn't discouraged by the nephrologist's report. To him, we'll just take what comes. He does want very much to travel around the U.S.before he has to go on dialysis. That's a prayer you can pray for him. It's basically his bucket list. As I said, he isn't discouraged, just looking at future probabilities realistically. Also, his blood count continues to drop but still it hasn't made him feel bad, so the blood transfusion is held off again.
Besides that, he is recovering well with more energy and more hair coming in. No black curly hair. It looks like it will be the same as he had before he lost it. He has been set free from wearing a mask in public (yea!!!) and has been able to drive the car himself to do some errands. He was approved for disablility, although it won't kick in until the end of November. He's also looking into some other possibilities for income. I really hesitate to get a job because I want to be available to go with him for Dr. appointments here and in G'ville.
Thanks for all your prayers and concerns for us. That really has carried us through all this with peace in our hearts and appreciation for all that God has done for us.