Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Nearing the end of this chapter of the adventure

A much more alert day today for Glenn. He was awake most of the day and not as nauseated :-) He ate more today, too. The Dr. says he will probably be discharged from the hospital tomorrow, (Thursday). We may not have a place to stay and might ask to stay one more night and hopefully get a room at the Hope Lodge. They can never tell us if there will be a room available until that day, but we heard a rumor that they might have a discharge Friday and that might be available for us.
Another concern we have is that Glenn had blood in his urine for the past couple days. It is being tested tonight and we should have some idea of what is causing it, or if it is an infection, pretty soon. We are a little uneasy about him being discharged tomorrow because he is not consistently feeling better. He is good for a while and then not good. So there's your prayer assignment for today.
We are missing our kids a lot and hoping to see our daughter this weekend. Our "soldier" son is coming home from Cali. for a visit in a week and we are looking forward to seeing him. He will be getting out of the Army in a month or so. We are so proud of all three of them and they have been a great support to us during this time. It's sweet to see how they are concerned for their dad. We are so blessed to have each one of them. They are each very talented in their own ways, it amazes us that they each came from us and yet each one is so different from the other. Sorry, I got off the subject of Glenn, which this blog is about. But you parents know that we have to go on about our kids sometimes.

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