Monday, May 23, 2011

Start of week 3

Glenn has been very quiet today, hardly saying anything and resting in bed the whole day. We did have a visitor this morning for a little while, who came bearing more gifts from several more people from our church family. God continues to humble and amaze us with his love through his people.
Glenn got  platelets last night and two bags of blood today. His count came up today from zero to a positive number, yeah!!! That's a good thing, as long as it continues to go up, and the Dr. and nurses seem to think that will happen. Our friend is being discharged from the hospital tomorrow to stay here in town for a couple weeks. Our Dr. says Glenn will probably be able to be discharged near the end of the week. Someone asked me if Glenn is anxious to get out of here. He really hasn't complained about being here, probably because he's been sick enough to appreciate being in here. It's kind of a security to be here with the health care professionals keeping tabs on him constantly. I, personally, am not ready for him to be discharged for that very reason. We can  get a picture every day of what's going on in his body by his labs. Not ready to leave that security yet.

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