Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Stem cells in

Today is the day Glenn got back his stem cells. They make a big deal about it being a new birthday. I don't get it, but we are thankful  that there is a treatment for Glenn's disease. The nurses came in and sang happy birthday to him after the transplant was finished. I wanted to know where the birthday cake was. Our coordinator had every intention of getting one on the way to work today but life got in the way. It was a nice thought, though. Now what happens is that Glenn's blood counts drop as a result of the chemotherapy and when they get low enough, he will get whatever blood  products are necessary. So far he is feeling ok but his counts are starting to go down so he won't be feeling well for long. He continues to work while he is in the hospital. While he was fast asleep from the benadryl his phone rang. Don't you know he woke right up and answered it and it was a business call. I wanted to grab the phone and sit on it so he wouldn't hear it again so he could rest.
The nurse who did Glenn's transplant is a very interesting lady. She became a nurse at 50 years old, after having a successful sales career. And she knows her stuff well. She had two nursing students following her today and she was extremely informative for them as well as for us. We have enjoyed having her because she always explains everything she does in regard to Glenn's care. She has been a nurse for 14 years, so needless to say she is an inspiration to me.
As an aside, I've developed a relationship with the visitor bathroom potty that I have to use. It's one of those automatic flushing kind, and I have begun to talk to it, things like, "I didn't tell you I wanted you to flush yet!" and "Why  is it that when I'm ready for you to flush, you refuse?" and sometimes, "You are so unpredictable: I  never know what you're going to do; sometimes you do what I don't want you to do and other times you won't do what I need you  to do. You're such a tease."  I have refused to name it though or give it a gender.      


  1. I can' t believe we are reading about your TOILET on Glenn's blog. Guess you gotta find something entertaining, huh?


  2. I think its wonderful you can keep your since of humor...hee..hee.