Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Was that just yesterday?

You guys are all great! Thank  you for your love and support for Glenn and me. He made it through the night just fine. Today he was extubated, got the NG tube, (stomach pump) out, and a couple IV lines. He is pretty groggy and doesn't remember anything up to this afternoon.  And probably tomorrow he won't remember today. Anne-Marie arrived this morning and Joey got here this evening. As I said in the last post, we just wait and see how each day goes. He was stable tonight when we left and I have great confidence in the staff at the hospital. I can't believe all this happened just yesterday and today. Since we were all up most of the night, it seems like it was one long day, and yet seems like days have passed since all the events of yesterday. I'm pretty much seeing cross-eyed from sleep deprivation so I will cut this short. I think I've pretty much covered everything up to this point. Thank you all for your great love and support poured out on us at this time. It means everything to have all of you caring for us the way you continually do.

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