Monday, June 15, 2015

I've got nothing

 Glenn went to dialysis this morning. He has been pretty lethargic and weak. He hasn't had anything to eat other than a few clear liquids since his surgery last Tuesday, and he hasn't taken much of that. So he's too weak to walk except to get up in the chair a couple times a day. I'm thinking there needs to be pow-wow between me and all 5 of his Dr.s  taking care of him. Something needs to happen to get this man on the road to recovery because he's slowly fading away. So there's you prayer assignment for today.
Our daughter is coming down from Raleigh again on Friday to help out. Our son who lives here in town is checking on us daily now and helping wherever he can. This is probably the only communication I'll make with all of you for now so stay tuned to this station for any new up dates.

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