Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Busy Day

It has been a very busy day here. Early this morning Glenn went for the CT scan of his abdomen to try to see why nothing has moved in his intestines. The result is that he has either a blockage or the intestine has not woken up yet from surgery. As the morning went on, Glenn's abdomen became more and more distended and firm and it was making him short of breath. So he now has an NG tube, (one of those tubes in his nose down to his stomach) to drain out whatever is in there, and there was a lot there.  With his stomach pumped out the pressure was relieved. He has to keep the tube in for a couple days and hopefully his belly will wake up and start moving things along. One good thing to report is that the pain has greatly relieved since last night and he hasn't needed to use his pain pump hardly.  He was supposed to go for dialysis today but the Dr.s decided to wait until tomorrow for that.
Anne-Marie, our daughter is on her way down from N. Carolina to help in any way she can. Glenn isn't talking because of the tube down his throat. I have both of our phones on vibrate to try to keep things  quiet for him. He can't talk anyway. I am holding off visitors for the same reasons. I can't answer my phone much of the time because I am usually rubbing his feet and legs because it is comforting to him, but you can leave a message.  I am using this as my mode of communication with you all and I will try to give daily updates. Thank you for your patience with me in this as well as for your prayers and concerns. You are all wonderful!

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