Thursday, June 11, 2015

Post op day 2

Yesterday was pretty rough for Glenn. His pain wasn't controlled and he was nauseated most of the day.  He also had hemodialysis yesterday, and surprisingly that wasn't too bad. He had a good nurse to stick him with the railroad spikes.  Today has been a little better; the pain and nausea are controlled now and he is moving a little better, but his blood count is pretty low so he's not walking around yet. He got blood and platelets today and will get more tomorrow, as well as hemodialysis again. He will have hemodialysis 3 times a week for the next few months, and hopefully he can go back to peritoneal dialysis after his belly heals.
Many people have asked how I'm doing. God gives strength that we don't have in ourselves in difficult situations. I know most of you would say "Amen" to that from your own experiences with Him.  Emotionally and physically I've had good days and not as good days. But I've always felt held up by God because of your prayers and notes of concern. So please know that if you are wishing you could do something for us, you are.

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