Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Onward and upward

Well, I think we are slowly making our way back up the hill. Today we started making plans for Glenn's discharge within the next day or two.  He is going to go to a (physical) rehab place since he is still very weak and he will make much faster progress with rehab than at home. (And he needs for me to not be around 24/7 to help him so he can learn what he can do for himself and what he really can live without. He and I both know that he is spoiled rotten). It looks like I will have to take him from rehab to dialysis three times a week, but hopefully he will only need to be in rehab for a week or two at the most. When he comes home he will still be going to dialysis three times a week for a few months but straight from home instead of making the trip to rehab then to the dialysis clinic. The plan is for him to be able to go back to peritoneal dialysis at home once the surgeon clears him for that.
Today we have also been working on getting his pain controlled with meds he can take by mouth.  We haven't conquered that yet but I think we will have it tomorrow.
You are great prayer warriors because we have seen God bring Glenn really close to the brink and back. He is seeing some healing in his life besides the physical. So you can know that God has been hearing you and answering you. Thank you.

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