Saturday, June 20, 2015

End of the third week

I never did like roller coaster rides much. With this one, I just want to see the end of the ride and to know what to expect. But we don't get that luxury, do we. When I got up this morning I wasn't very optimistic about how the day would end. Glenn was taken to dialysis bright and early, with his platelets extremely low, (28), red blood count also very low (7.6), a little blood in his NG tube. Since his platelet count was low and he was going to have his blood line accessed, I didn't know if they would ever be able to stop his bleeding at the end of dialysis. And since it took 2 days to get a match for his last 2 blood transfusions, well.... that's what was on my mind when he left for dialysis. But he made it through dialysis fine. The "hiccups" returned with a vengeance and it is always very scary when he can't get his breath when he has several in a row. Eventually the nurse was able to get medication for it. He vomited not long after he had that medication, but it apparently got enough into his system to ease the hiccups so that they weren't so strong and he was able to get some rest. He got a unit of platelets this afternoon as well.
Since he had success last night with his passing what he needed to pass, (I'm trying to be discreet and as tasteful as possible here), the Dr. wanted to start weaning him off of the NG tube, ie disconnect it from the suction for as long as he can tolerate it without having any nausea or vomiting. That wasn't very successful earlier in the afternoon, but the past several hours have been better. If he can tolerate it without nausea the NG tube will be removed tomorrow. That's your next prayer assignment.
I was thinking back today and this hospitalization has now been longer than when he had his stem cell transplant in 2011. We've been here in the hospital for 3 weeks today.  He has probably lost nearly as much strength as he did then, as well. Maybe this week will bring much progress and we can get out of here before July 1.

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  1. So hope this struggle will end with a reversal to increased strength and health very soon. XOXO