Thursday, June 18, 2015

Same old same old

There has been no progress today in Glenn's recovery. And for the past few days he has had a rash that is slowly spreading over his whole body. No one seems to know what it is caused from and he is itching like crazy, as you can imagine. He does get some relief with some medicines. The "hiccups" continue intermittent with no explanation as well. It isn't really hiccups but more like a spasm of his diaphragm. Today he has had some episodes where  he has several hiccups in a row and he can't get his breath for several seconds and it is very frightening for him. At this moment he has fallen asleep with no hiccups and the itching has subsided, thanks to drugs. I just keep thinking that some day this will be only a memory and a story to tell.
The one thing that is holding up his progress is that the bowels are still asleep. Who knew we would ever be praying to pass gas! But that is your prayer assignment now, and I will definitely let you know when your prayers have been answered.

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