Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Whew, what a ride!

It's been an interesting past 24 hours. Started out that I called the P.A. (physician's assistant) in G'ville because Glenn has been having a low temp. She talked to the Dr. and he said to go to our local ER and be sure to tell them that he is at great risk for catching infections because his white blood cell count was so low when we were there last week. So after I got some stuff packed, and Glenn fiddle-farted around we went to one of our local ERs. But when we got there, it was PACKED. So we decided to just go to G'ville.  It was quite busy, as well. (Here's your tip for the day: try to never go to the ER on Mondays. Apparently Monday is notorious for being very busy in the ER). Oh, back up: before we left the house, our brother-in-law called to tell us that Glenn's sister, who has been on dialysis for several years, was on a ventilator and thought to be sceptic, (bad, bad infection in the body.) Not looking good there. While we were waiting for four hours to be seen in the ER in G'ville we got two calls from the nursing home where Glenn's mom lives (who is 94, with Alzheimer's). She had fallen and they needed to send her to the  ER for stitches on her head. We couldn't be there for her either. Neither of us can see either one of them because of Glenn's risk of easily catching an infection. Luckily his other sister was able to go to see their sister and then go with Martha to the ER. (Everyone at a different hospital). Martha is having some issues from the fall and we are keeping a close vigil  by the phone. 
We got into a room in the ER at midnight, and after having a bunch of lab tests, Glenn was sent on his way at 6AM, and not admitted as we expected to happen, because his white blood cell count was better. So we hung around until the clinic opened up to see his Dr. and we did get to see him, instead of having to go back  tomorrow for his scheduled appointment.  9We got a moderately stern rebuke from the PA for not following directions and going to a local ER, because if Glenn was to become sceptic, which is the risk with his counts being so low last week, it could happen in a very short time and if we were driving in a car to G'ville there's nothing that we could do. If we were in a local ER, even if we had to wait a long time, at least if he became sceptic it would happen in an ER where he could get immediate treatment.) The Dr. clarified what he thinks will be the plan, depending on the results of a bone marrow biopsy Glenn will have next week. He wants to do some heavy doses of chemo for a week and then the same the following month. And then the stem cell transplant possibly in the early fall. All this depends on the results of the bone marrow biopsy. If this is making your head spin, I'm there with ya! Glenn is just going along for the ride.
Back to his sister, I'm going to find out in a few minutes what's happening with her. His other sister, poor thing,  is pulled in several directions right now. She was up all night with Martha in the ER, and then had to go to work. Luckily she has tomorrow off. But please include her in your prayers. There are no other siblings to keep up with, praise the Lord! Just the three of them, and Martha. That's plenty to handle.
So hopefully I've filled you in on everything. I will continue to keep you up on the latest happenings in the Boyles family saga as they occur, or as soon as I can. Whether or not Glenn has the surgery for the fistula this Thursday remains to be seen, depending on his fever status........to be continued.........

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