Thursday, May 17, 2012

Day 2

Day 2 of hospitalization has been busy  for Glenn. He's had several tests and is getting his second unit of blood right now.
His labs in the ER showed some possible heart involvement, but all the tests done since then haven't revealed any problems and the cardiologist doesn't see any reason to follow Glenn any more. There still has been no source found for the fever, everything has been clear. The infectious disease Dr. said that if his temp remained in the normal range she would stop the IV antibiotics and could release him from her care tomorrow. But this evening  his temp has started going up. We're hoping it is just a mild reaction to the blood transfusions.  The nephrologist says Glenn's kidney function is the same, so after discussion , we agreed for him to set up the surgery for the fistula here while Glenn is in the hospital, but it can only be done after the fever has been resolved. So I don't see him being released tomorrow.
The night nurse tonight said Glenn's color looks better from last night, since he has gotten the blood. I hadn't noticed his color being pale, I guess since I've been with him constantly and wouldn't notice a change. He is feeling ok, other than understandably being tired. Besides his health problems, he did lose two nights' sleep being in 2 ERs. As usual, if you talk to him on the phone you wouldn't notice any signs of him being sick from his voice. It's not that he's putting up a front, it's really how he feels and how he talks on the phone.
My brains are a little mushy and I don't know what else you all would like to know. So send me any questions you have on the comment section or e-mail me and I can fill you in.

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