Wednesday, May 30, 2012


As indicated by the long lapse of posts here, it has been a pretty quiet week. Glenn is slowly recovering from his surgery. He's tired of being tired and feeling sick. That should change soon when he can get out and about more. The oncologist called Saturday with some positive news. He is pleased with the numbers that the bone marrow biopsy showed. He's says there shouldn't be a need for a second stem cell transplant. He will start Glenn on chemo by mouth every other day when we go back to see him next Wednesday. We have a week off from driving to G'ville, although we probably will go this week anyway to get some prescriptions filled/refilled. The trip there is worth the savings we get from the prescriptions. Friday Glenn has an appointment  for instructions on care of the peritoneal catheter. We don't know when he will start dialysis but we go to the nephrologist next week as well, so we should know more then. I, for one, am thankful for a quiet week after the past two weeks of activity.

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