Saturday, May 19, 2012

day 4

We're still here in the hospital on day 4. I hesitate to give any info on what will be done next, because as sure as I say something it will change. The vascular surgeon saw Glenn this morning, the one who will place the fistula, and he said he couldn't do the surgery Monday because the schedule is packed, and he is off Tuesday so we're hoping for Wednesday. Which means that if the other 3 Dr.s have no reason to keep him, he MIGHT go home today. But don't quote me on that. We'll know when we are home if he is going home. And we'll know when he actually has the fistula in his arm when it's going to happen. And even which hospital he has it done at, for that matter.
The Dr.s are assuming that the temp that Glenn had Thursday night was what we thought it was from: the blood transfusion. He's been ok since then. He feels ok, and we went for a short walk around the unit, today. He looks pretty scruffy, though, since he hasn't shaved for several days, and his hair has thinned out a lot since he's been on the chemo. He says he looks like a sick old man. That's a pretty accurate description. If it didn't take me 8 hours to figure out how to get pictures on this site, I'd show you.
We're going to try to take a nap while it's quiet, so shhhhh. Thanks.

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