Friday, March 2, 2012

Unpredictable lab counts

Hello all you faithful followers. I have three Dr. visits to tell you about. We went to Glenn's Wed. appt. with the oncologist in G'ville and his blood counts were down so he wanted him to come back today and possibly get some platelets and/or blood. His kidney function was about the same: 18% down from 19%, which is not a big deal, just depends on whether it's a trend in one direction or the other. We also did Glenn's "prep" to have the access placed at sometime in the near future. That just involved getting an EKG and talking to the anesthetist. The surgeon wanted Glenn to have the surgery done the following day, but we told him that we want to see the nephrologist first, because of his kidney function increasing and to make sure that he should go ahead with it. So that is on hold for now until this next week when we see the nephrologist.
Our visit today ended up with Glenn not having to receive platelets or blood, yet. His platelet count went up a little so the Dr. held off on that. His blood count didn't go as low as the Dr. thought it would so he didn't have to get blood, yet. He wanted Glenn  to come back Monday but he has appt.s with the VA Dr.s so we go back Tuesday to see if he needs the platelets and/or blood. He also will get a shot to get his white blood cells to hurry up and mature because those keep going down. The result of that for now is that he has to stay away from crowds, or wear a mask when he's out, and he can't eat any fresh fruits and vegetables, raw meat, or anything that comes out of a dispenser. These are all to keep his risk of exposure to bacteria down. So he has a list of things he wants to get done this weekend around here, since he can't go out. He still is feeling pretty well. His swelling in his legs has gone down a little bit because I made him take the second diuretic he has for when  he is too swollen. He still needs to take another one to get it down better. I just wonder what would happen if we left his body alone and didn't keep messing with all the levels by taking so many meds. But we won't do that.  He is feeling pretty well these days so we won't mess that up.  I'll be back here next week to fill you in on all his appointments. And I'll let you all know if and when he gets a radio show going. That won't be for a while yet.

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