Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Labs, labs, labs, how they control our lives

Well, today  didn't go the way Glenn had hoped it would at his G'ville visit. His blood counts were lower again and he has to be REALLY careful about keeping away from crowds and possible infections. He was/is pretty  bummed. He had to cancel some plans for this week and is hoping that when he goes back Thursday that the labs will be better. He got a shot to get his white cell count up and a shot to get his red blood cell count up. He didn't have to have blood or platelets yet. On a happier note, he talked to his nephrologist today and he can hold off scheduling the access placement because his kidney function has gotten better the last two times it was checked. The Dr. said we will have to see what the trend is, up or down or steady. That was encouraging.
Yesterday Glenn installed a water purifier in the kitchen sink and he used muscles he hasn't used for a loooonnnngggg time. Last night he got some terrible cramps in his hands. It was very concerning to me because I didn't know if it was that his potassium was really low, or if it was a side effect from the antibiotic he started taking. The cramps finally subsided after he sat still and kept his hands still. His potassium level today was fine, and the Dr. wants him to continue taking the antibiotic and if the cramps happen again we are to call.
I'm feeling a little insecure because both his nephrologist and oncologist will be out for a week. Of course, they always have someone to cover for them, but nobody else has kept up with his treatment and condition. So please pray that nothing drastic happens at least while the Dr.s are gone. Not that I want anything drastic to happen anytime, but you know what I mean. When we  go back to G'ville the day after tomorrow, Thursday,  Glenn is really hoping his blood counts will be better and he can get out and about. He has plans to go to an air show in Lake City and do a radio broadcast there this Saturday. He is really looking forward to it and is hoping that he won't have to cancel because of his blood counts. I'll definitely keep you posted.

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