Monday, March 26, 2012

"Now listen, you who say 'Today or tomorrow we will go to this or that city'....." (James 4:13)

Well, that week didn't go as I expected. First of all, Glenn hasn't been too hard to get along with. The steroids are really puffing him up. And I've had to remind him to be calm in stressful circumstances since he is more easily upset when on steroids. Like Tuesday afternoon when he had a minor car accident. He got hit from behind by a quickly moving car that didn't quite complete her lane change,,,,on Blanding,,,,,in busy afternoon traffic. And when the car wasn't in the parking lot where the officer told him to move it until he could get back from the ER, (he went to the ER to get xrays because his neck and back were hurting, but so far he's ok.) And when the officer on the phone told him there wasn't anything that could be done about the car being towed without his permission.That got straightened out. So now we get to "test drive" different rental cars. We had a nice new Caravan with all the bells and whistles, and then got a pick-up truck, which Glenn has wanted to get for a while now, so he can try it and see if he really wants one first, without actually buying one. The insurance company says our car can be repaired.Glenn is leery about that because the car isn't worth more than $3600 at the most, and he's pretty sure there was damage that the insurance company missed . We'll see.
He had a more pleasant experience with the VA Dr. at his second appointment. The Dr. says Glenn should keep on the treatment  he's on with the Dr.s he has now. He knows it's better care than he could get with the VA. An honest evaluation, how refreshing!
So anyway, I didn't get to go to the ice cream social that our community had Tuesday evening, or to play Mah Jongg Wednesday that I was so  looking forward to :-( . Oh well, for better or worse, in sickness and in health, right? That's what we both signed up for. But on the bright side, we get to pretend that we have new cars all the time. And today Glenn got to have a long-awaited-for lunch that has had to be postponed several times, with one of his "buddies", the sheriff  of Duval county. He even came in and had coffee after they got back from lunch. I was not warned ahead of time, but it's all good.
We go to G'ville tomorrow to see if Glenn gets chemo or a bone marrow biopsy: chemo if his blood counts are ok and biopsy if not. He can't tell how his counts are  because he feels the same no matter what they are. He was told at the VA that he didn't look nearly as bad as his labs say he is. But we both look forward to when he gets to stay off of the steroids. He's not quite as hard to get along with and his skinny clothes fit ;-). Next update coming soon.

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