Monday, March 19, 2012


Our trip to G'ville today, you ask about? Well, Glenn didn't get chemo today because some of his labs, (namely his platelets, for you medical people), are going down instead of up and the Dr. doesn't want to give the chemo when it's down that far. Soooo, he has started him on BIG doses of steroids, (prednisone) because he thinks that is what the platelets responded to in the past. We'll see next week when we go back. His other labs were not too bad, not much change. His kidney function stayed the same as last week. In the mean time, I am going to stay clear of home as much as I can. The steroids make Glenn "aggressive" :-(  Of course, I'll be here to take care of him, but I plan to take advantage of every opportunity to get out. Maybe some Mah Jongg this Wednesday?! Hopefully. Maybe the ice cream social and bingo in the neighborhood activity center tomorrow night. And whatever other activities that come up. This week won't be as much fun for him as last week was. He has to continue to stay away from crowds and wear a mask when he is out. The Dr. also put him on an antibiotic because there is some wheezing in part of his lungs and he wants to be sure that there isn't any infection looming anywhere when Glenn gets his next chemo. He also got a shot to try to bring up his red blood cell count. It isn't worse but it's not better, either.
If you feel like you've just been loaded down with a big load of medical info, trust me, I feel your burden! But, don't worry, I'll carry it for you! In the mean time, please be sending up prayers for peace in this household this week. Thanks. You all are wonderful and I know I can rest assured that there will be much intercession going on for us.

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