Tuesday, March 27, 2012

And the results are........

Good news- Glenn's  counts were good enough to avoid a bone marrow biopsy and was able to get his chemo. That sounds kind of convoluted, doesn't it. But Glenn was relieved he didn't have to get jabbed with that big needle, even if he doesn't remember the worst of it, and he doesn't know just how big the needle is. He does remember the wonderful high he has afterward from the Ativan. We never know what to expect when we go to G'ville to appointments. It could end up being a long, unproductive day,  a "short" day, a long day with stuff getting done, and we always are prepared in our minds for him to be admitted, even if he feels fine, but his labs are bad. Today was a long day, (left at 8am and back home at 7:30pm), but we got stuff  accomplished.Tomorrow he gets to go out on his own to the chiropractor and to the VA to pick up a Rx and get a hair cut. I get to be home alone! Ahhh, what shall I do? Cleaning and maybe hanging more things on the walls. Trust me, I won't do any more cleaning than I want to do! I never, hardly ever, get to be here all by myself, now that Glenn is retired/disabled. It's nice to be alone sometimes. Even though I can't go anywhere, I will enjoy the  alone time. And Glenn will enjoy being out on his own. We might like each other better after our times alone! (Just kidding, we like being together, too.) We go back to G'ville in a week.

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