Saturday, March 17, 2012

Fun in the sky and airwaves

This week, Glenn has gotten to go flying twice, and co-host a radio show about flying last Saturday and today, (Saturday). It didn't help his health much but really raised his spirits. Last Sunday after his day out at an air show on Saturday, he came down with a fever, low grade, and then a sore throat and then chest congestion. The fever went away after a couple days, just in time for him to go flying again on Thursday. You could say he was on cloud 9 ;-)  The plane was an historic 1929 Ford Tri-Motor, the first model built for commercial passenger flying.  (I'm reading the details from an article he wrote about his experience; I'm really not an airplane buff like he is). He got home this afternoon and promptly fell asleep in his recliner. He has worn himself out this week, but he's happy to have had these experiences. Hopefully when we go to G'ville Monday he will be well enough to be able to have his chemo treatment and whatever else he needs. He hasn't had a fever this week since after last weekend, but his chest congestion has gotten worse. I am glad this week is over because I don't like it when his Dr.s are away. I'll be reporting back to you after Monday's Dr. visit.

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