Thursday, September 1, 2011

:-( That's what you will get in this post.

I have to say that this week has been one of our more stressful weeks. The past 3 days have been Dr. appt.s, treatments, and out patient surgery for the port placement. Being a difficult stick for someone who is "allergic" to needles/pain, I mean really hating needles, Glenn has been stuck many times this week. The  purpose of the port is to make it easier for the nurses to access a vein for his chemo treatment. But that was quite traumatic for him today, since he just had it placed yesterday and it is very tender. They don't use the port to draw blood and he has to have blood drawn every time he goes and today he had to be stuck a couple times to find a vein for that, because he is so swollen from water retention.  It would be easier for everybody if I could just take some of those sticks for him. But he is very pleasant to the people who have to hurt him. In that aspect he is a very good patient. He even gets them laughing in the midst of it all.
I have to keep reminding him that he feels lousy because he is on chemotherapy. He really does need to be reminded. I told him he does have a choice: he could stop the therapy and feel worse as his kidneys fail more and more; he chooses to continue the chemo. Part of his feeling bad is because he is so swollen from the water retention. He has gained close to 25 lbs. in the past couple weeks and it's mostly, if not all, water.
Ok, I'm  being negative, I admit. I'm just feeling like venting, and I know you all will give me a little space to do that because everyone has been so supportive of us through all this adventure. So thank you for letting me be negative and vent. Hopefully this will be a restful and renewing long Labor Day weekend, for all of you, too.
(In the near future I may be sharing with you a new adventure for us in the middle of all this going on. Stay tuned......)

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