Tuesday, September 6, 2011

"Traveling" through our life together

Ok, I'm better now. Thanks for putting up with me.
Glenn had labs done today and there is a slight improvement in Glenn's chemistry regarding the kidney function   :-). He doesn't have to have any treatment this week and I am thinking the Dr. will call this week and let us know what the plan is for next week. Glenn did have labs done by the nephrologist but we don't have the results of that yet; hopefully in the next day or two. That's the report I especially look at for kidney function so I'm anxious to get those results. Glenn has continually gained weight at each appointment which we are supposing is retention of fluid as a side effect of the steroids he has to take. His legs are as swollen as I have ever seen them. When he is up walking around they get more swollen and he has to keep them up as much as possible, obviously. But we have been out a lot on long rides, (one of his favorite things to do) and going to the grocery store, etc. so he doesn't have his legs up a lot during the day.It's kind of a "catch 22" because it does him good to be up and out but not so good for the swelling. And it's not just his legs; he acurately describes himself as shaped like a pear. We got rid of all his "fat" clothes after he lost his weight so he's limited in what he can wear, which is one pair of jeans that squeeze his stomach.
So now I will share what I was eluding to in the last entry. It looks like we are going to move into an RV in a few months when our lease runs out on the condo. We have wanted to go RVing but cost has always been the "road block" (no pun intended) to doing that. But Glenn came up with the idea of living in and RV last week, which would take care of our need for a place to live and our desire to have an RV. Of course, if this does play out, we will NOT have one of those big fancy ones that cost more  than a house. We have to consider that I'll be driving it at times when we do get to go traveling so it can't be a monster. Just something that will accommodate a couple of older people. We don't have a plan for how long we will live in it, we'll just see how it goes. He is really getting into this idea and is excited about it. It's kind of a "bucket list" thing for him, and can facilitate other things on his list, if he stays well long enough to do some traveling. I am have very mixed feelings. I have wanted to have an RV, but it wasn't necessarily my desire to live in one for an extended amount of time, and I love living where we are now and will be very torn away from here when we move. But I talked to God about it and told him that I see that I was holding on fast to staying here and wasn't open to what God wants for us. So I told God that I want to do what he wants me to do and go where he wants me to go. And don't you know it was that day or the next when Glenn came up with this idea. So our  next prayer request is that Glenn will stay healthy enough and stay off of dialysis long enough for us to be able to travel some after his treatments are done.Thanks very much for your prayers, in advance, and for your on-going prayers for us.  And  thank you so much for your  continued support for us in your  cards, encouraging messages, phone calls, etc. that you send constantly. That keep us going knowing that so many people are caring enough to keep up with us.

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