Monday, September 26, 2011

Labs today

Today we went for Glenn's usual labs, but this is also his week off from chemo treatment. Blood counts continue to inch downward, and chemistry (that tells how the kidneys are doing) are inching up. Both of those results are not what we hope for. We go to G'ville Wednesday to see the oncologist there and find out the next plan of treatment will be.                                                                                                                           Glenn wasn't able to go to church yesterday or go to our Sunday evening small group so friends from there came over this evening with pizza to share and to visit with us. See how loved we are?! I think they knew we are having a down time right now. That was such a sweet gesture to let us know that we are loved and thought about even when we can't be with them. It was very encouraging for us. Every message, card, visit, prayer encourages us so very much. I want you all to know that.

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