Monday, September 12, 2011

.......or not.

After researching and crunching the numbers, Glenn has realized that the RV venture isn't possible. Again, I have mixed feelings, but it certainly takes a lot of pressure away about getting rid of stuff. But because I had to think about purging belongings down to a minimum, I have gotten into the clearing out mindset. Having just the essentials is very attractive to me, and looking ahead to having to pack and move, it certainly would make it a less stressful event. So now our hope is that we can find a place that is cost efficient enough that we can take a few trips.
Today we went to the oncologist for Glenn to resume his chemo treatments. Our Dr. said Glenn will have another round of two weeks of treatment and a week off, and during that week off, she wants Glenn to be seen by our Dr. in G'ville to evaluate what we should do next, depending on how his body responds to this next round of treatment. And tomorrow we go to the nephrologist  to see how Glenn's kidneys are doing. We never did get the results of the labs that were done in that office so I'm anxious to see what's happening in the kidneys. I'll let you know tomorrow what we find out from the nephrologist. That's the big concern and focus for all this treatment. We are trying to keep him off of dialysis, as you probably know from previous blog entries. Because he is swelling so much I am very concerned that the kidneys are getting still worse. I don't think steroids are causing swelling to the extent that he is having. It has to be addressed and dealt with in order to keep him out of congestive heart failure from too much accumulation of fluid backing up into his lungs. So there's your new prayer assignment.
And again this past week, God continued to take care of our needs. To God be the glory! And yesterday a friend from church called and asked Glenn if he would participate in something with him: he wanted to know if he could call later in the day when the small group bible study met and have them sing to him and pray with/for him. And he asked Glenn, "how are you really doing? and what can we do for you?" God continues to move and work through his people. And we continue to be humbled because of our unworthiness of all the unconditional love showered on us.

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