Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Another week and more treatments

Yesterday was Glenn's third day of chemo treatment and it was a looong day, longer than we had anticipated anyway. His chemistry was encouraging in that the kidney function numbers were better this time. His blood count levels, though, started dropping again, not to the point of needing any blood products yet. He grudgingly decided to have a "port" placed in his upper chest because the nurses have a hard time finding a vein for infusing the treatment. They have been asking him about getting a port every time we have gone and he decided to do it instead of being stuck several times to find a vein each time. It is along the same lines as the central line he had for the bone marrow transplant but there will be no lines hanging out, it is just a port that has a catheter attached that is threaded into a vein and the port itself is covered by the skin. So there will be a stick to access it but at least they won't have to dig around to find a vein. He is having that procedure done tomorrow morning so it can be used Thursday for his next treatment. The treatments are having their effect on Glenn: he is getting progressively more tired, although he has spurts of energy in between his exhaustion. But thankfully he hasn't been nauseated yet. He went out to take his morning walk today and got as far as the street and slowly came back home. But this afternoon we went to the grocery store, of course with him riding the scooter in the store. But that's better than not feeling like getting out at all.
And to be sure that God gets the glory he deserves, just want to report that he is continuing to meet our needs daily in  different ways each day. How could we ever live without him? We couldn't! Thank you all for appealing to him on our behalf. 

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