Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Another night in the hospital

We are in the hospital for another night. Glenn's potassium level was slightly better, but not enough to be released so he received more potassium today and we will find out in the morning if his level is ok or if he will need more. I'm guessing that even if he has to get more potassium he may still be discharged tomorrow after his levels are checked again. 
Glenn was awake literally all night reading a book, (and I didn't get much sleep either.) We were in a small semi-private room and during the night another man was admitted to the other bed, and he was pretty sick, so the situation was not conducive for getting rest of any kind. During the day today the roommate  was having some personal problems with family members. So there was no napping today either. Glenn's oncologist felt that he was out of danger enough that he didn't need to be monitored on the telemetry unit any more so he said he would get Glenn transferred to the oncology floor. We got to the new room about 10:00 tonight and instantly we felt how tense we had been and how relieved and relaxed we were in the private room. Glenn is out like a light now and I'm sure he will have no trouble sleeping through the night, nor will I. With that said, I'm going to settle in for the night. G'nite.   tbc......

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