Thursday, September 15, 2011

Just call us old retired people now.

Glenn had his chemo treatment today with no problems. He also lost two more pounds for a total of eight in the past week. Yea!!!! He says he feels the difference, although he still is very swollen. He has several more pounds to go to fit into his clothes again. (And pb, thanks for the offer of your fat pants, but I'm sure he would know a difference between men and women's pants, so I'm pretty sure we won't taking you up on that offer, but it was thoughtful of you to offer!) There isn't really anything new to report on how he's doing. We seem to end up staying gone for several hours when we go for  his treatment, as much as we intend to get home sooner because he needs to keep his legs up as much as possible to try to keep the swelling down. After he was done with treatment today, we had a couple errands to do, and we met his sister for lunch/dinner. We got almost home when we remembered we forgot to get a prescription filled while we were in that area, so we had to turn around and go back for that. It was a new prescription so we had to wait for it to be filled. That all added about  another hour and a half because we live so far away from everything, so we were out for seven hours, too long for Glenn to have his legs down. We have to figure something else out to keep him home and feet up more than we have been able to.
Last April we did not know our life was about to totally change as it has since then. When I began this blog I titled it "Glenn's new role as patient" but little did we know how prophetically accurate that was. Glenn has now been designated as disabled and has been able to work nearly none at all. We have been living off of people's love sacrifices until  the disability benefits begin in November. He is now home full time and my new role to him is care giver to different degrees depending on what's happening each day or week. We are looking for a more affordable place to live when our lease is up in February and I am downsizing our stuff in preparation for that. Things are totally changing for us. We are a prematurely retired couple now which isn't a bad thing at all. He is much more relaxed and trusting in God rather than his own talents, because he has been forced to be, but that's a good thing as well. So much is different for us since April when we started this adventure. We never could have foreseen in what ways our life would be changing. It's all good, and we are enjoying this new life, really!

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