Monday, January 2, 2012

If At First You Don't Succeed.........

This morning we got up "early" and set out to turn in some paperwork at our next place of residence then, to time how long it takes to get to G'ville from there and get some things done at the VA in G'ville. When we got to the first stop, no one was there at the office, so we called the VA to find out if they also were off today, and they are. So...... we turned around and came back home. We'll try again tomorrow to get all that done.
So this afternoon I got some more packing done, while Glenn slept most of the day. He had a not so good night and hasn't felt well today. We aren't sure what's going on. If it continues tomorrow we will call the nephrologist to find out if this might be kidney failure related. I'll let you know how tomorrow turns out.

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