Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas Eve

Hello to all of you wonderful friends! We want to wish you a wonderful and blessed Christmas. We appreciate and love you all; you are so faithful in following our blog. That is more encouraging than you can imagine.
We will have our kids over Christmas morning for a big breakfast and presents. So looking forward to that. Glenn has been  feeling well these last weeks without having treatment. We saw his nephrologist this week and he is going to check out the results of Glenn's last bone marrow biopsy and talk to the oncologist to see if it is necessary to have more treatment. As far as benefits to the kidneys, that is pretty much not necessary since they are all but gone as far as functioning. They are probably damaged too extensively to try to save them with treatment. So the question is whether he needs treatment to control the underlying disease and if it has affected any other organs. So that's where we are with that. Since we found a place to live here in Jax, we know we won't be living in G'ville, but we will be closer to there and the Dr.s here in town so he can go to either place when necessary much easier. 
For those of you who are familiar with Glenn's office, he's gotten through at least half of it sorting and throwing away, although to look at it you wouldn't guess that. He has gotten through all the boxes and almost all of the filing cabinet drawers. Now the part that is visible is the next step, and that will be difficult because I'm not supposed to touch any of that. He knows what's in each heaped pile and if I touch any of it it will mess up his "system"! Hopefully we can get through it all in the next week or two and have that out of the way to start packing. Merry Christmas to you all and a blessed year ahead.   We'll be having 70's temps here. I am jealous for any of you who will be having a white Christmas but Glenn loves Christmas in Florida: "barbecue and volley ball on the beach" is his favorite kind of Christmas. ;-) (I say, "Bah, hum bug" to that!)

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