Thursday, January 12, 2012

Just checking in with you all

My sister reminded me, tonight, that it's  been over a week since I've had an entry here. So, here I am. Really, there isn't any big news to report. Glenn did get an appointment with the VA for 3 weeks from now. He is also getting some positive feedback about some other VA benefits he's been trying to get. We haven't heard anything from the Dr. in G'ville yet. Glenn has an appointment there next week. We have to decide if we are going to keep it, (since we probably will have to pay for it), or cancel. I'm leaning towards keeping it so we will have the Dr.'s undivided attention and can pin him down to something specific as far as treatment, hopefully.
A request I had for God was that a 2 bedroom unit would come available by the time we move at the end of this month. (At this point, we are scheduled to move into a 3 bedroom until a 2 bedroom came available. It  fits our budget better than a 3 bedroom.) It wasn't really practically possible, since they only require a 30 day notice from residents who are moving, and they didn't have any notices. But...... Glenn got a call that they unfortunately had a resident pass away, so a 2 bedroom has come available. Now, I didn't ask God for someone to pass away in order for us to get a 2 bedroom and not have to move twice. I just asked not to have to move twice and to make a 2 bedroom available by the end of the month. God chose how to make that happen. Coincidence? Clearly not.
As far as Glenn's health this week, he feels ok. He has some things that come up that bother him, but not anything for us to be concerned about at this time. He's gone out early two mornings this week to do somethings he wanted to get accomplished. He still takes naps several times a day. He is swelling again some, but not as bad as it got before. I am allowed to give him an extra medication when he needs it for the swelling, which seems to work, so far.
So, you see, there isn't anything major to report.  As I said before, no news is good news. Thanks for checking on him and keeping up with his progress.

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