Wednesday, January 25, 2012

One week later how things change.

One week later we're in G'ville again for the first treatment in a long time for Glenn.
The Dr. came in a little while ago and told us that Glenn's chemistry was bad, the ones that tell the kidney function, and he needs to get started on dialysis. Booo! So we will start that process as soon as we can. The Dr. said to come back Monday prepared to be admitted.  He has been feeling pretty good, other than the continued swelling. He 's been very active and we actually moved this past weekend, although he felt "completely useless" because he couldn't really do anything to help other than to direct. We had lots of WONDERFUL help from strong men, young and old! We are temporarily settled because we are there temporarily until a 2 bedroom comes available which will be sometime in February. Then we can  get completely settled.
That's all for now. I am trying to process this new development of Glenn starting dialysis and need time to think it out, and talk with Glenn about it to help him with it ,too.

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