Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Dodged that bullet!

It's amazing! Glenn didn't have to go in the hospital yesterday because his labs didn't get worse, and actually got slightly better. I wonder if all your prayers had anything to do with that, wink wink, ;-)  So we are feeling like we have a "free" week this week, since we planned to be in the hospital for a few days and now we aren't! Next week Glenn has 3 different appointments: with the VA to get started with them so he can get his Rx's paid for; at the nephrologist to figure out where to go from here with the dialysis accesses; with the oncologist in G'ville for whatever the next step is with them. He has to continue on the steroids for at least a couple more weeks. So he will have to deal with swelling some more, but the dose is lower than it was. Right now he is resting/sleeping in his chair. I'm sure the last couple weeks have him worn out, I know they have me worn out. This "free" week is such a welcome relief before we have another busy two weeks with appointments and moving again. (I don't remember if I told you that we moved into a 3 bedroom unit until a 2 bedroom is available in the middle of Feb.) But we are really pleased with our new neighborhood community. It's a small "55 and over" community, an old military base that they refurbished the military living quarters and made into this community. In a beautiful, peaceful setting. We never want to own a home again. It is so liberating to pay rent and let someone else take care of the yard, the repairs and upkeep, etc. We were told that we can treat it like our own home for whatever we want to do in it, like redoing, etc. It feels very homey.  And they plan activities for us, if we want to participate. Yes, bingo is one of them. We are officially old now. We will be able to meet everyone here when we get settled and have more times without appointments.
I need to go get ready now for us to go vote and go back to our favorite grocery store where we used to live.

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