Sunday, February 5, 2012

Busy agenda this week.

Tomorrow Glenn has a long day: VA appts at 7:30am and 1pm, then nephrologist appt at 3:45. The good thing about this schedule is that we are able to consolidate two days of appts into one. So now we will only be out at appt.s two days instead of three this week. He has an oncologist appt Wed in G'ville. So two long days but that's ok. I'm glad he get to see Dr.s now. I talked to the nephrologist this week to see if he would talk to the G'ville oncologist to maybe set up a plan to get Glenn's dialysis accesses placed, whether it is a peritoneal catheter placed or a fistula, or both. He wants to do pd (peritoneal dialysis) so he will also have to have the fistula placed as a back up source dialysis to be able to do hemodialysis if something goes wrong with the pd cath.  He's feeling pretty good, except that the steroids make him feel weird, (no smart remarks from any of  you please. I know it's a huge temptation [pqb]).
 We are off to our Super Bowl party now. Good food and fellowship. Who cares who wins?!

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