Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Checking in for a report for the week

I was holding off making a new entry until we found out what all of Glenn's tests have shown so far. We are still waiting for one, but as far as his kidney function, there has been no change, and if anything a slight increase in one of the values which we hoped would start going down after treatment. He goes back to G'ville next Wednesday for his follow up after treatment. I don't know if we will find out anything else there or if the Dr. just wants to see how he's recovering. The nephrologist today seemed disappointed that there hasn't been any improvement since the treatment, but it may be too early still to know for sure if it has helped. If his kidney function continues to decrease he will have the option to go on dialysis in a couple years or so, give or take a year. Hard to predict what the kidneys are going to do at this point. Glenn isn't discouraged by the nephrologist's report. To him, we'll just take what comes. He does want very much to travel around the U.S.before he has to go on dialysis. That's a prayer you can pray for him. It's basically his bucket list. As I said, he isn't discouraged, just looking at future probabilities realistically. Also, his blood count continues to drop but still it hasn't made him feel bad, so the blood transfusion is held off again.
Besides that, he is recovering well with more energy and more hair coming in. No black curly hair. It looks like it will be the same as he had before he lost it. He has been set free from wearing a mask in public (yea!!!) and has been able to drive the car himself to do some errands. He was approved for disablility, although it won't kick in until the end of November. He's also looking into some other possibilities for income. I really hesitate to get a job because I want to be available to go with him for Dr. appointments here and in G'ville.
Thanks for all your prayers and concerns for us. That really has carried us through all this with peace in our hearts and appreciation for all that God has done for us.

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