Thursday, August 18, 2011

A plan in place

We just heard from our Dr. office here in Jax. They talked to Dr. M. in G'ville. Glenn will be starting chemotherapy this Monday morning. He will get two kinds of  chemo twice a week via IV and a steroid in pill form once each week and again in the third. Then the same cycle will be repeated again. After the two cycles  of treatment he will be evaluated to see if the treatment is working. That might not be totally accurate but it's pretty close. We'll get a schedule on paper when we go this Monday. Glenn is ok with all this so far. We don't know how severe the side effects will be yet. We will also get information about that Monday. I'm very relieved to know the plan. At the rate his kidney function is diminishing I was concerned that he wouldn't get started on treatment soon enough because the Dr. in G'ville seemed urgent to have him started on treatment as well.  Such mixed emotions right now........

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